41- Deckert & Homolka 1905.y.

Skeleton Telephone "Deckert & Homolka" c. 1905 Produced by Deckert & Homolka, Budapest, Hungary, in license of L. M. Ericsson for the Hungarian state administration. Deckert & Homolka was an Austrian company in Vienna and Budapest founded in 1872, joined with L.M. Ericsson in 1908. In 1911 both companies established the Austrian "Ericsson Österreichische Elektrizitäts AG".

The station consists of the magnets decorated with an ornament, executed in the form of two legs of the device. It seems to have successfully compressed the Skeletal into a more compact phone. The generator sits lower so there is no room for bells underneath. These and the coil would be in a separate bellbox. Registration number 780.

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