For office buildings and apartment buildings

If you forget to take care of correct organization of the television network for your apartment house, office centre or commercial centre, the roof and then the walls of the building will soon grow over with various antennas and devices for reception of television and radio signals. And after some more time will have passed, they will be joined by a spider web of cables from Internet providers and cable television operators that will stretch to you from the neighboring roofs. The disorderly sight of such cables in the stairway or on posts will inevitably lead one to think that no one will ever be able to put them in order.  

The familiar sight of a building covered with satellite dishes – that is not our case!
We are ready to offer you many different solutions for organizing centralized local and satellite television systems that will allow using a single set of antennas to connect a practically unlimited number of users with independent viewing of high quality television channels from several satellites. Meanwhile the unified cable bus ensures that the system will be easily expandable in the future. This approach also does not rule out the possibility of using the services of cable television operators.  

For home

Television has now become an integral part of our life. Television sets in the kitchen, children’s room, bedroom, a home cinema in the living room make our life more comfortable and pleasant. And, of course, you do not want morning news during the breakfast, the favorite cartoons of your children and the favorite programs of the parents to become a cause of quarrels in your house. The usual equipment sets from the magazine will not be sufficient, therefore we have developed special solutions for organizing television systems for private houses. Additional convenience can be achieved by uniting the television system with the video intercom or video surveillance system, as well as the home automation system „Smart House”.

Depending on your needs, we will choose the optimal equipment to organize the configuration that is suited for you. 

Home cinema

Do you wish to create the atmosphere of a cinema in your own house? We will help you, from the development of a home sound system project, laying of the necessary cables, to choosing and installing the necessary equipment, creating a true cinema in your home. It is particularly convenient to connect the home cinema with the functionality of the home automation system „Smart House”, which provides the possibility to use a single remote control to operate not only the television, but the lighting and window curtains as well.


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