Video surveillance systems

Among all the security systems, the most rapid technological development currently is occurring in the field of video surveillance. Because of this many technical innovations are no longer restricted to „agents 007”, but are available to our everyday clients.

Today it is hard to imagine a facility that is equipped with security systems without video cameras. This is not a matter of fashion – it is logical consequence to the desire of our clients to ensure the safety of their property and employees.
Built-in and hidden, black and white and color, normal and with night vision, fixed and movable, with wide and television lens. This is only an incomplete list of the various types of video cameras that will turn your property into a fully controlled and inaccessible fortress. ;-)
The most important thing for organizing video surveillance in your company or private house is to develop a correct conception, choose the main equipment, type and dislocation of video cameras. Here you will need our knowledge and experience of system installation: from low-budget systems that consist of a few cameras and are intended for a private apartment or house, to the most complex video surveillance systems that consist of hundreds of cameras, including cameras that are placed in remote objects in the entire territory of Latvia.
Video surveillance systems are not only useful for recording events, thereby allowing to later analyze emergency situations, but are also extremely useful in real time, managing processes in the company, preventing illegal actions and unauthorized access, also thanks to automatic response algorithms in case of emergency signaled by other security systems – fire safety and security alarm systems, access control systems, etc.  

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