Fire alarm

The protection of property against fire is a very complicated task since you can never know what may become the cause of fire. However, you can install a fire safety alarm system to receive a timely signal about the place of ignition and to be able to take the necessary steps.  

Fire safety alarm systems are necessary not only in offices, warehouses, public buildings and other places where the installation of such systems is motivated not only by the wish to protect one’s property, but also by the normatives of law. Such systems are also very useful in private houses and apartments.
For example, to protect the premises where the origination of fire is most possible – a living room with a fireplace, the kitchen, boiler room or garage.
The presence of a fire safety alarm system that corresponds to all regulations also is a significant advantage when insuring your property.
For various types of premises, offices and buildings, we can offer different types of fire safety alarm systems – from simple systems intended for private houses and connected with security panels, to professional systems that fully comply with the requirements of the EN-54 standard, with constant checking functions both for chains and for separate sensors, control of dust levels in the sensors, etc.

To simplify the work with the system in large organizations, we will ensure that all the necessary information will be displayed on the computer screen. Such a system will considerably aid in determining the place of the fire in case of alarm, will automatically display the necessary instructions for the responsible personnel and will launch additional processes that will reduce the risk of more considerable damage: it will automatically start the notification of evacuation, will activate the fire extinguishing system, smoke elimination, etc.

Completed works
  • Shopping centre "Rimi"

    In 2003 a new shopping centre was built in the place of the former factory "Cosmos", a historic building. There our specialists installed all the low-current systems:  fire safety and security alarm systems, access control and video surveillance systems, alarm warning system, and computer and communication networks.

  • Office centre. Dzirnavu iela 41

    In 2003 fire safety and security alarm systems, television, telephone networks and intercom were installed in this office building.

  • Prieka Vēsts

    During the construction of the church "Prieka vēsts"  in 2002 we designed and in several phases installed fire safety alarm and warning systems.

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