Smart house

You will no longer need to look for light switches in the dark – a small remote control will let you turn the lights on and off remotely. Sitting comfortably on your favorite couch, you can use this remote control to turn on the television and hi-fi, as well as control any other electric devices in your “Smart House”. For example, you can change the light intensity in the living room, close the electrically operated curtains or turn on the electric teapot in the kitchen. Outside of the house you can control the lighting as far as the alleys of your garden, the lawn sprinklers and many other things.  

After installing the house automation system, upon returning from work you will be able to open the garage gates or turn on the lights in the porch while sitting in the car. And your „Smart House”, recognizing its owner, will turn off the security alarm, set the heating system to the necessary temperature and take care of creating a pleasant atmosphere in the house.
And if your life is scheduled by the minute, then with the help of an easy-to-use computer program you will be able to independently program the management of the house according to your lifestyle and thereby satisfy even the most unusual requirements.
For example, if you would like the lights to be turned on upon the ring of the alarm clock, the breakfast to be warmed and the radio with the morning news to be turned on, then simply enter the morning schedule in the computer and your “Smart House” will automatically implement all the actions in the necessary time and according to the required sequence, observing work and holiday schedules.
Maybe in your absence you would like your “Smart House” to ensure that no one would even suspect that the house is empty and may be entered without knocking. Simple! Create a different schedule, call it „Imitation of presence”, and according to your plan lights will automatically be turned on in various rooms, curtains will be opened and closed, and music will be played in the evening.  
The „Smart House” will make your life much more convenient, will help save on electricity and will ensure security.
Now you can manage your “Smart House” via phone or the Internet, even from the other side of the world.
How can all this come true? Use the services of our company. Even if the repairs are already finished, do not worry! Thanks to equipment that works according to the X10 standard, and uses existing wiring to transmit signals, we will design and install a system that precisely corresponds to your needs, integrating the management of security systems, lighting, heating and cooling systems, sprinkler systems, hi-fi, home cinema and other equipment.  

Building Management System (BMS).

Any modern building – an office or commercial centre, manufacturing company or private house – is equipped with many different engineering systems that ensure the necessary climate conditions, security and comfort. They include:

  • Heating and water supply
  • Air cooling and conditioning
  • Ventilation
  • Electricity supply and lighting
  • Fire extinguishing systems and fire safety systems etc.
These systems are on the one hand quite power intensive; on the other hand, require constant oversight and maintenance provided by specially trained personnel. Both of these things cause considerable expenses to the owner.  
Independently working engineering systems frequently are ineffective in consuming resources and electricity when it is not necessary (for example, outside of work hours), and also may contradict each other, causing even greater energy costs (for example, under certain conditions heating and cooling may be working simultaneously in the same building).
Using a BMS system in your facility will provide order to your work and will help reduce operational costs, as well as costs related to the everyday maintenance of the systems, allowing you to reduce the number of personnel and use a convenient computer interface with automatic notification of alarms and breakdowns, analytical reports and graphs, as well as work schedules of every individual device and many other useful management instruments.
Completed works
  • Rietumu Capital Centre

    In 2008, our long cooperation with Rietumu Bank was crowned with one of the most complicated and interesting objects in the history of the company - the A+++ class business centre Rietumu Capital Centre.

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