Telephone and computer networks

For office

Today internal computer networks and telephone networks have become an integral part of any modern office, ensuring operative, quick and centralized access to different information. 

The task of organizing telecommunications networks may initially seem simple; however it conceals many potential problems:
  • how to organize the laying of cables so that the network would be technologically correct and would serve for many years?
  • how many connections points should be created and where, so that after a year it wouldn’t be necessary to lay new cables and spoil the finished repair work?  
  • how should the main communication node be created so that it would be easy to maintain it, change configuration and connect new equipment?
Each of these and many other questions have several answers. Therefore it is very important to find the correct solution for your particular situation.
On the basis of your requirements and using our vast experience, we will install the telecommunications network of your company so that it would satisfy both your current and possible future needs.  
Completed works
  • Hobby Hall

    In 2001, telephone and computer networks and an office telephone exchange were installed.

  • Rietumu Capital Centre

    In 2008, our long cooperation with Rietumu Bank was crowned with one of the most complicated and interesting objects in the history of the company - the A+++ class business centre Rietumu Capital Centre.

  • Office centre. Dzirnavu iela 41

    In 2003 fire safety and security alarm systems, television, telephone networks and intercom were installed in this office building.

For home

If you are building a private house or making repairs, we can create the telephone and computer electric wiring so that you could easily connect your telephones and computers everywhere where it is necessary, without cursing yourself for not thinking about it in time. The use of wireless telephones and internet is not always a suitable solution for these problems.    

Calls between rooms, calls from the gate to any phone in the house, messages through the telephone loudspeakers about a family meeting in the living room, fast transmission of data and video between the computers and multimedia devices in the house. All these and many other functions become accessible thanks to a correct organization of the house telecommunications network. 
  • how to organize the telephone network in the house?
  • which telephone exchange should I choose?
  • how to order and connect external telephone lines?
  • how to organize a computer network?
  • which Internet provider should I connect to?
Leave the solution of these problems to us! We know how to create convenient telephone and computer communications in your house.
Completed works
  • Apartment building. Baloži

    In 2006, in cooperation with the construction company LPL, we installed a television network, intercom, access control system, as well as a telecommunication network in an apartment house.

  • Mūsu Māja, NEO. Rīga, Murjāņu ielā

    In 1999-2002 we participated in a unique project of its kinds - "Mūsu iela" (Our street).

Contact person
Viktor Solodarenko
Project managers
Manager of telecommunication projects
Phone: 67 840 840
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