Public Address and background music systems

The timely transmission of information to employees and visitors is ensured by the warning system.

The basis of the system is formed by automatic notification and management of evacuation in emergency situations, voice notifications by microphone, translation of previously recorded voice messages (advertisements), translation of music/radio in the background. The warning system can also be used to find a necessary employee or visitor.
In case of emergency or the signal from the fire safety alarm, the system will consecutively implement automatic notification in previously programmed zones to manage evacuation and avoid panic.
In the usual regime, sound notification and voice notification may also be used for voice messages, advertisement messages, transmitting music.
For several years we have successfully used for this purpose equipment from well-known companies such as BOSCH, Audico and others.
Owners of private houses who have installed a notification system with professional sound equipment can ensure quality playback of music, as well as create a home cinema.
Completed works
  • Albert Hotel

    In 2005 we designed and installed fire safety and security alarm systems, an access control system, alarm warning system, video surveillance, alarm and call button system, as well as a computer and communications network.

  • Latvijas Pasts

    In 2004-2006, thanks to our cooperation with the company NĪA, we carried out the installation of  fire safety and security alarm systems, video surveillance, internal and external telecommunication networks, SAT and digital television systems.

  • Office centre. Dzirnavu iela 41

    In 2003 fire safety and security alarm systems, television, telephone networks and intercom were installed in this office building.

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