Access control systems

How can you optimally organize the movement of the employees and visitors of your company and limit the access of unauthorized persons to certain locations? The modern and most effective way is to install an access control system.

We will help you organize an access control system for your enterprise by issuing contactless cards to users (it is also possible to print photos and data of users on these cards) and equipping the necessary doors with readers and electric locks.
Depending on the importance and level of access, various types of user identification are used, from magnetic cards to biometric fingerprint or eye retina readers. Of course, currently the most accessible and technologically advanced are the contactless Proximity card readers. In turn, the wide range of various types of electric locks will allow limiting and controlling access for all types of doors.
When the doors have been provided with the necessary equipment, our engineers employ special software to set the work modes of the system: from user access rights for various locations to creation of time zones and specific work modes (passages through safety chambers for safe boxes and depositories).
The main advantage of the solutions we offer is the vast experience we have in installing systems of this kind – as a result, we are able to offer all kinds of access control systems, from simple, 1- to 2-door systems for small offices, to widely ramified systems for large enterprises and office centers with tens of doors, pass-through turnstiles and control of lifting gates in parking lots.
The software provides various types of reports on events in the system. Furthermore, the system may have a wide range of additional functions, for example, defense against unauthorized entry when a card has been given to another person, graphical rendering of the plan of the object on the computer screen, showing alarm situations and photos of entering persons.
The proposed access control systems (Esmikko, Kronwerk and Innerrange)  may be integrated with security alarm and video surveillance systems, creating a unified and effective security system for your enterprise.
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