Working time control

To improve work discipline and the effectiveness of work pay, the access control system may be supplemented with the possibility to calculate work time.  

This option is an additional program module for the basic software of the access control system that determines the time when an employee comes to work and leaves and accordingly calculates the time that the employee has spent at work. The system also provides automatic reports.
At the beginning of the work day, for example, at 9.00am, a report may be created about the persons who have not passed through the registration area in time, thereby identifying absence from work. A similar report may be generated at the end of the work day, creating a list of employees who have left early or have worked additional hours. The report about the time spent at work or an automatically created table may serve as basis for calculating work pay. 
A special system of exceptions allows entering additional information, for example, work shifts, holidays, business trips and vacations for groups of employees or individual employees.
The work time calculation module will aid the work of your accountants and personnel department.
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