Burglar alarm

A security alarm system will provide protection to your house or office from unauthorized access.

Its main function – to precisely detect and notify you or the security company about emergencies, and determine the date, place and time when the security border was breached. If necessary, this information may be sent to your fixed or mobile phone, or via radio to the security panel.   
Your ideal security alarm system depends on several factors. Among them, your requirements regarding the security level, the presence of physical security, the value of the protected property and the environment of the object.
When working with a project, we will try to offer you three types of solutions – the minimum, the optimal-sufficient and the maximum level of protection.
The most effective way to create a security alarm system for your object is by using the principle of several borders, using various types of sensors and different levels of responding to alarm situations:
  • security of the territory or outer perimeter with a warning alarm or notification,
  • security of the inner perimeter (doors, windows) and internal premises with an alarm in the form of sirens and transmission of the alarm notification to the security panel.
Depending on the necessary level of security, we use various equipment from the leading world manufacturers, such as DSC, General Electric, Esmikko, Innerrange and others.
With the equipment and work methods we use, you will no longer need to worry about the effectiveness and safety of your property security systems.


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