External alarm

The perimeter security systems ensure timely detection of the access of unauthorized persons to your territory.

Depending on the size of the territory and the landscape, as well as the work conditions, various types of sensors are used that can both ensure effective work and minimize the possibility of false alarm.
Currently the perimeter alarm systems are created according to different detections principles. Mainly they are easily installable and serviceable radio or beam detectors.
When protecting the external perimeter and territory, it is important to connect the perimeter alarm with the other security and warning systems. For example, if the perimeter sensor goes off at night, it is possible to scare the criminal off by activating the algorithms of the „Smart House” system and turning on territory lighting and a sound signal that imitates a barking dog, at the same time recording the events in a digital video surveillance system.
Our vast experience in this field will help us find the solutions that are ideally suited for you.
Completed works
  • Rietumu Capital Centre

    In 2008, our long cooperation with Rietumu Bank was crowned with one of the most complicated and interesting objects in the history of the company - the A+++ class business centre Rietumu Capital Centre.

  • Konig Eirotrans

    In 2000 we designed and installed fire safety and security alarm systems, video surveillance systems and computer and telephone networks and a telephone exchange.

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