Security systems

There are currently several types of systems that can help protect your property from damage caused by natural disasters or intruders. They are security alarm and fire safety alarm systems, video surveillance systems and access control systems, as well as public address systems.  

Fire safety alarm and alarm warning systems are required by law in commercial and public buildings and are regulated by European and Latvian legislation. The other systems allow improving your level of safety, as well as the control you have over the movement of personnel, transport and cargo in the territory.
To obtain good results, it is not enough to simply install as many sensors or video surveillance cameras as possible. In most cases it is simply a waste of resources.
The correct way is a complex approach when different independent security systems complement each other and thereby ensure maximum effectiveness and optimal results.
The progress of technology now allows us to create integrated security complexes that in a single operator work location control the functioning of all the security systems. The computer screen may show the plans of the territory, floors of the building or offices, in which the status of each component of the system is shown in the form of symbols, from security and fire safety sensors to video cameras and doors equipped with access control. Each element or entire zones may be controlled with the mouse, alarm reports and notifications of all events may be generated with the possibility to conduct more detailed analysis, as well as program the reaction algorithms of different systems in the case of various alarm events (for example, when the alarm system goes off, the doors are automatically blocked and the video image of the alarm zone is shown).    
On the basis of various equipment we can create integrated security systems both for private houses and small commercial offices, and for large office centers and commercial centers.
The correct choice of the necessary equipment is not an easy task. Working with many suppliers and using our vast experience in servicing various security systems, we will design and install the solution that is appropriate for you – both from the technical and financial point of view.
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