Identification of car number plates

One of the additional functions of a digital video surveillance system is the possibility to automatically recognize car number plates and compare this information with the data base.

This possibility may be used to control the entrance and exit of auto transportation in the company territory or parking place. The following functions are provided:
  • real time search for the identified numbers in the data base;
  • the possibility to use data bases as the white („ours”), black („unfamiliar”) and/or information list;
  • edit data bases;
  • store the identified numbers in the data base, indicating the time and date, and links to video information (video frame or fragment), etc.;
  • the possibility to print the video frame and information about the identified number of the car;
  • synchronous (with recognition) storing of the video information and viewing from several cameras (for example, contents of the car body, side view);
  • extended search for identified numbers in the „internal” data base.  


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