Recording calls

The functioning of any modern organization involves the transmission of information between the employees and the external world: clients, acquaintances, relatives, etc. A large part of the information exchange takes place by phone. Furthermore, the information transmitted during a telephone call is important both from the point of view of organizing the functioning of the company, and from the point of view of security. Therefore there is often a need to record the telephone conversations of employees with the goal of quickly finding and restoring a necessary conversation. 

We offer digital telephone call recording systems “EST” that allow to record telephone, radio conversations and other types of acoustic signals. With the help of this program, you will be able to easily:
  • Conduct automatic high quality recording of conversations on the telephone lines (both analog and digital), radio channels, standard line exits;  
  • Store the recorded information on the hard drive for an unlimited period of time;
  • Search the necessary conversation according to date, time, channel number, incoming and outgoing numbers and other properties;
  • Both on the server itself, and from a remote work location listen to conversations in headphones or using loudspeakers, both during the recording (through channel), and using the data base;  
  • The possibility to transfer the conversations to other analog and digital media without interrupting the recording process;
  • Ensure protection from unauthorized access.


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